Justin Credible needs that

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Justin Credible needs that Empty Justin Credible needs that

Post  MG on Thu Nov 22, 2007 3:13 am

MG's theme music hits as he walks to the ring he looks at a crowd member and stairs at the fan flipping him the finger. MG mushes him in the face and contiune to walk and rolls in the ring and sits right in the conor Raven style. MG pulls one of those skinny mics out of his banadana and begans to talk.

The crowd raves loud because the act he did on the Fan.

Bob: Well lets listen to what thr Gangbanger of FTW has to say.

I got drafted to the Fever Night Friday. What nice thing he Ghost Face did fo a G but theirs one thing I want thats on the other side of FTW and thats Justin Credible. That kid need the gangsta beat down! He's Main Eventing over me! I bring more fans to the table, what can I say the fans love a mutha lovin G. I want to show Ghost Face what the hell I can do in this B**** first by pistol whiping that fool Justin. Get outa heya be fo I get the ratch and run back their and get it!


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