The Dark Carnival arrives to FTW!

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The Dark Carnival arrives to FTW! Empty The Dark Carnival arrives to FTW!

Post  NighTMarch on Thu Nov 22, 2007 10:57 pm

*the lights begin to flicker in the building and the titan tron shows static*

Dan: What's going on?
Bob: I don't know... could it be that we have someone new?
Jason: What's that?

*The Great Milenko begins playing... the crazy sounds of a clown's laughter fill the auditorium. Suddenly, the area of the entrance ramp lights on fire, and two wrestlers step out onto the ramp.*

Jason: It's Crack and NighTMarch! They are aligned with each other? This can't be good...

*Crack and NighTMarch look out amongst the audience, then the two head down the ramp and into the ring. Crack heads to a corner of the ring and sits in the corner and waits for NighTMarch to grab the mic.*

NighTMarch: You fans have suffered long enough... boring Tag Team matches, endless blah blah blah. Full Throttle Wrestling, you are blessed to witness the DARK CARNIVAL!!! Ha ha ha!

*NighTMarch tosses the mic to Crack, who catches it. Crack looks as if he is about to speak, but just smiles and tosses the mic out of the ring. The Great Milenko begins to play again...*

*Suddenly, the lights go out and pyros shoot out from the four corners of the ring! When the lights turn back on, NighTMarch and Crack are gone!*

Bob: Well, there you have it folks, we have witnessed the birth of the Dark Carnival here in FTW.


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