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Post  shadyd3vil on Sat Nov 24, 2007 6:08 pm

Name: Shadyd3vil
Age: Unknown
Height: 7ft
Weight: 400 pounds
Hometown: The Underworld

Banished from the underworld where he belongs as not even the demons themselves could restrain him...Shadyd3vil now roam the land in search of a new calling and a new place to establish his domain.Bloodthirsty by nature...not even the gates of heaven nor pits of hell will stop him in his crusade for power...NOTHING stands in his way!!!

Be it the forces of light or evil tremble in fear upon his beckoning...FEAR the might of the D3vil himself...

And now...Those who dare to come and challenge him?

Survivors who encountered Shadyd3vil speak of the unholy might and his devasting moves with three moves that stands out and remain etched in their memories forever as they witness the power of the D3vil....

1) D3vil's Fury : Shadyd3vil's most common finnisher that strike fear into the heart of those who encoutered it before being pulverised immediately under the unholy strength of the D3vil...Few has withstood the wrath of the D3vil and not much is normally left of those unfortunate souls who has experience the unrestrained power of the D3vil...

2) D3vil's Descent : Those unlucky enough to feel the blow of this finnisher rarely see the light of the day it was said that the force of the blow itself is almost the same as the D3vil's pathway into the underworld itself...a soul ripping experience...

3) D3vil's Crucifix : The souls of the beings are drawn into the nightmarish abyss upon gazing into the D3vil's orbs...feeling the suffering and torture within the D3vil's the being is consume within the world of chaos...those who are trapped within feel the disintergration of their body as their pain is being fed to appease the D3vil...


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