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Name: The NighTMarch
Age: 30
Height: 6 ft 2 in
Weight: 255 lbs
Home Town: Ko'olau mountain range, Hawaii
Billed from: Shangri-La
History: After an encounter with the nightmarchers, restless spirits that roam the Ko'olau Mountains, he found himself charged with the power of those spirit warriors! He traveled the world in search of the mythical place called Shangri-La, and there learned the mystic arts, and trained his body and mind. Turning his eye on the wrestling world, he now searches for worthy opponents, and the perfect show! After he lost a casket match against the Silencer, he realized that nothing could stop him, that he would keep coming back again and again! Found by the Gza, and offered a contract, the NighTMarch is ready to thrill the fans of Full Throttle Wrestling!
Entrance music: Night Marchers by Sudden Rush (featuring Fiji)


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