Markus Voigh presentation promo

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Markus Voigh presentation promo Empty Markus Voigh presentation promo

Post  Markus_Voigh on Sun Nov 04, 2007 2:08 am

{Music Starts,AC/DC Highway to Hell}
Click for music(youtube)

*A Silhouette appears walking on a dark room*

{Black Screen with a message}


{his face appears}


{image of his complete body}


{images of his finisher "Highway to hell"}

*images of his career while a voice talks*

-I'm here for the tittle,i'm here to show everybody who is the owner of the ring.if you want to check it...Come to FTW show Soon on your city

*the man leaves the room*

{The music Stops}

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Markus Voigh presentation promo Empty Face confronts heel (for a change)

Post  Rattlehead on Wed Nov 07, 2007 3:06 pm

*Black titantron appears just like Markus Voighs*

A voice starts speaking: "Now... Here..."

Screen lights up, Rattlehead continues talking: "An overwhelming LOSS for Markus Voigh on his FTW debut!" *Vic laughs*
"You come here and talk about the here and the now... well I'm sorry to inform you that the here and the now seems to be, well... you simply sucking."
*crowd laughter*
"Markus, if anything describes you, it's not FTW. It's FTL. For the loss, that seems to be the reason you're here. You go around making fun of people, issuing challenges... Then you get your ass beat - and bad - by the GM on your first match. Highway to Hell you say? Only a matter of time before you end up on the Highway to Kentucky, back to wrestling school."
*more crowd laughter*
*Vic finally gets serious*
"Point is... I can sit here and make fun of you all day... but whenever you're ready, I will be ready to prove that you don't belong here. Get in the ring Mr. 'owner of the ring'... and I'll own you."

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