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Post  nefarious on Sun Nov 04, 2007 1:20 pm

* a cartoonish girl play with her dolls in her room*

"you like pain" *in a sweet innocent voice*

* the cartoon girl puts down her dolls and turns to the screen. She is wearing a FTW t-shirt"

"come join us and....." *all in a sweet innocent voice*

*the girl's face twist and contorts before she rips apart and explodes leaving a very human Nefarious. clad in a tight red leather pants and a slightly ripped t-shirt*

*Nefarious speaks in a not so sweet innocent voice* "ill show you pain!"

*The screen fades to show a montage of Nefarious submissions and horror movies screams. before ending abruptly all while avenged sevenfold's "Scream" plays as theme music.( )*


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