RiK Promo/Entrance

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RiK Promo/Entrance Empty RiK Promo/Entrance

Post  TheRick148 on Tue Nov 06, 2007 2:16 pm

*The arena turns pitch black*

*Suddenly.......the titantron displays RiK's entrance*


*RiK suddenly runs out from the crowd, surprising everybody*

Announcer 1: WHOAA where'd the heck did he come from. Was he he the crowd the entire time???
Announcer 2: yea sure surprised the sh*t out of me. Well here's RiK, one of the best rising star in the federation...."

*RiK enters the ring.......*

Girls in crowd: Here's my number, call me..... (throws piece of paper)

*RiK leaves the ring and picks up the paper, tucking it away in his pants. He then re-enters the ring*

Announcer 2: Must he do that every week??? It seems like he gets a new number every week....
Announcer 1: haha, well what can u do?


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