The Lighting Strikes.

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The Lighting Strikes. Empty The Lighting Strikes.

Post  Shinjiro on Thu Nov 08, 2007 9:05 pm

The cameras are panning around the arena showing off the screaming fans who can not get enough of the action that they have witnessed so far. The Arena suddenly darkens as bolts of lighting seem to strike the stage exploding with sparks that shower the near by folks who jump surprised by such a thing. The big screen begins to slowly light up as bolts of lighting are seen flashing across the screen and hitting the ground which causes dirt to fly up and scatter. A shadowed image is seen standing in the middle as the lighting continues to come down all around him. The Opening chords for Caged by Within Temptation begin to play as the man's image remains shadowed. The sky behind him flashes with the light from the lighting that seems to be off in the distance. The chorus begins to kick in as the man begins to step forward.

These are the darkest clouds
To have surrounded me
Now I find my self alone caught in a cage
There's no flower to be found in here
Not withering
Or pale to me
Everyone with a friendly face
Seems to hide some secret inside

The man appears to vanish and a scene of the shadowed man in a ring fighting someone showing off his wide assortment of moves ending with his finisher of the Avalon. The screen cuts back to the shadowed man who continues to stand there as his eyes finely begin to show as his head is facing straight out. The lighting continues to come down all around him tossing up more chunks of dirt, grass and small bits of gravel. The fans are mesmorized at the stuff on the screen. The lyrics kick in again as it flashes to another scene with the shadowed man in the ring against someone else.
He told me he loved me
While he laughed in my face
He just led me astray
He took my virtue
I feel so cold inside
Sorrow has frozen my mind

As the lyrics end you see the shadowed man being betrayed by what looks to be his partner and friend costing him the title match with a wicked chair shot to the back of the head. The shadowed man shows again on screen as the lighting picks up pace and strikes the ground faster as the shadowed man with the cold eyes begins to approach even closer as a bolt of lighting strikes right in front of him unflinching he stands there as the next part of the song kicks in as another clip of a match is shown with the shadowed man fighting for what looks to be his career as there is a slip of paper on the pole.

My heart is covered
With thoughts entangled
How could it ever have felt so real?
Is there a place more lonely than I feel within?
Could I have seen?
Could I have known?
I just took it as the truth
Everyone with a friendly face
Seems to hide some secret inside
Always there to remind me
To keep me from believing
That someone might be there
Who'll free me and never ever leave me

As the song comes to a close the clip ends with the shadowed man once again being betrayed by another wrestler this time taking a DDT onto a chair. The clip ends and the song begins to come to an end as the shadowed man with the piercing eyes steps forward revealing himself as a voice begins to speak in the background.

I was wronged and thought I could trust people. I have found that the only person to be trusted is only myself. FTW get ready for I am about to unlesh a storm of lighting bolts on those who get in my way as I climb the ladder to the top taking the belt for my own. I am not here to make friends. Because friends are overrated. FTW get ready because the lighting will strike and when it does there will be destruction left in its wake.

The screen begins to fade to black as two bolts of lighting strike the stage once again sending showers of sparkles into the near by crowd as the words coming soon flash in blood red lettering.

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The Lighting Strikes. Empty Re: The Lighting Strikes.

Post  nefarious on Thu Nov 08, 2007 9:42 pm

OOC: you obviously took some time to give your wrestler some life and wrote a nice little promo. I personally loved it. I think you and crack have both written fantastic promos and look forward to seeing how you both RP your wrestler. should be entertaining!


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