Gladiator's First Appearance

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Gladiator's First Appearance Empty Gladiator's First Appearance

Post  Gladiator on Sat Nov 10, 2007 10:03 am

A match has just finished, it was close and the victor (a face) rushes up to ramp to escape the wrath of the wrestler he has just beaten (heel, possibly violent one). Gladiator walks out from the back, his shield poised to strike him as he flees. The crowd shouts for him to look out behind him, as he turns around Gladiator smashes him with the shield, knocking him down. Gladiator begins to attack the victim, and the loser of the match joins the beating. Once the beating has stopped the loser leaves. Gladiator puts the bloody 'corpse' on his shield and drags him away.

Later that night you see a funeral pyre set up, and the body of the beatne wrestler lies on it, Gladiator lights the pyre on fire and silently stands there watching it burn.

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