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Interview for 11-13 show Empty Interview for 11-13 show

Post  Shinjiro on Sun Nov 11, 2007 6:30 am

The camera is shown following the reporter as she makes her way towards one of the locker rooms. The fans look on with anticipation as the camera stops in front of the door before the reporter opens the door and steps inside. The locker room is darkened as the only light on is one solitary light that swings too and fro. The reporter looks around and stops as she sees an open locker and a man with a hood over his face. As she gets closer you can make out that the hooded man appears to be chanting and praying as beads are seen moving between his fingers. The reporter continues to slowly make her way closer as the camera pans over her shoulder to review three candles two smaller black candles that are outside of one big red candle. The chants are louder and the reporter shivers a bit before clearing her throat.

Linda:Excuse me um excuse me may I have a word with you? I don't think I have seen you around before. I have several questions I would like to ask you one being who are you? And what do you plan to accomplish here in Full Throttle Wrestling?

The hooded man continues to chant moving the beads one at a time as the three candles continue to burn. The camera now gets a better look and you see what appears to be Japanese symbols that adorn a red silk cloth that surrounds the three candles as well as a bowl of water that is sending ripples out to the edge of the bowl but there is nothing moving that can be seen that could be causing it. The hooded man finely stops his chanting and puts down his beads. He turns to face Linda and the camera and you see the face of Shinjiro under the hood. His eyes are cold and piercing as he looks up at Linda the look causes her to be taken aback as she brings the microphone up to her lips to speak. But is cut off before she can ask her next question.

Shinjiro:Excuse me, may I help you and what the hell are you doing interrupting my prayer session? You asked me what my name was. My name is Shinjiro Shinzaki and yes I am one of the newest members to join Full Throttle Wrestling. As for what I plan to accomplish here in FTW well thats simple missy. I plan on having my hand raised after every match and being the top dog around here laying waste to who ever gets in my way. I have looked over the roster and am not surprised by the names on here all of them are just stepping stones to my goal. Ask The Shepard he will tell you how I destroyed him with little effort and left him laying at my feet. What else do you have to ask me here Linda?

Linda:Do you have plans for tagging at all in the near future? Do you plan on having friends you can trust? How long do you think it will take for you to get gold? Anything to say to the other wrestlers who may be fighting you?

Shinjiro:Plans for tagging? I don't know Linda I guess we will have to wait and see. I do know that there is a surprise heading to FTW but you won't know till it hits. Friends I can trust? What kind of garbage is that? You can not trust anyone, because everyone is out to get you at one time or another. Thats why I like to get people first before they can get me. Friends are so overrated it makes me laugh that there are such things. How long do I think it will take for me to acquire gold? Well I hope soon, but I know how it works you have to impress the right people showcase your talents and show you are worthy of holding a title. I will acquire gold when the time is right. As for anyone who steps in the ring with me all I can say is prepare yourself because when you step into the ring with me lighting will strike. Now I have to go as I hear my phone ringing. I hope Linda that you got what you wanted. If not oh well, maybe next time you'll do better.

Shinjiro stands up and reaches into his pocket pulling out a cell phone as he begins to walk out of the locker room closing the door behind him as the candles go out which causes Linda to jump as she is now left in the darkened locker room with just the solitary overhead light.

Linda:Well folks there you have it. I am Linda Hernandez back to you guys.

The camera slowly fades to black before coming back onto the announce team who look at each other before Danny speaks.

Danial Clancy:Thank you Linda, folks so far we have had one hell of a night with the action in the ring Bob anything that surprised you so far tonight?

Matthew Odongkara:Well not really, I mean looking at our roster from top to bottom we are stacked with great talent all who have a chance to shine. Though that Shinjiro guy peeked my interest and curiosity as I hope he lives up to what ever billing he seems to be giving himself after only one match. Lets get back as our next match is about to start.

OOC:didn't realize when I made this post that the card was already made up. So I guess if at all possible we could use this on the next card.


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