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Post  The Berserk Hobo on Sat Nov 17, 2007 5:00 pm

*the entire areana goes pitch black*

bob:whats going on here
daniel:i hope the electricians fix the power box soon i don't want anyone getting hurt

*the titrontron comes to life being the only light in the areana*

bob:phew some light
daniel:yeah but not very good light

*the titantron has some static*

bob:great now thats broken

*the titantron goes black and shows a mystrious figure with his hair over his face in a dark room still the sound of static*

daniel:this seems freaky
bob:don't be a wimp daniel
jason:if this is a promo it ain't working this is more of a horror flick

*the figure is moving around as if the camera is broken and has lost control of it*


*the firgure starts talking while the static and is moving around due to a broken camera*


jason:wat the heck?
bob:after all this he laughs
daniel:wat a rip

figure:welcome to FTW Full Throtal Wreslting were the best is made and is laid to rest

daniel and jason:wats he talking about no-one was laid to rest here

figure:some of u older viewers might remember me after i died in the middle of the ring in a deadly match

daniel:i think i remember him
bob:who is he then
daniel:i don't remember his name but i remember the match

figure:but just to tell you now i am finished but my son will continue my reign of destruction

jason:he had a son?
bob:mustv'e if he said that

figure:now i leave u with this message GO BURN IN FLAME!!!!!
*a giant pyro fire up through out the areana*

daniel:hot hot hot
bob:u said it
jason:stay away from the flame FTW fans

*the pyro stops and the arena is black again with the titantron black*

daniel:not again
jason:i wish i had night vesion goggles
bob:they don't exist

*the arena goes back to light with a message of blood on the titantron saying "The ------------ is gonna be the best in all of FTW"*

daniel:freaky and in blood but who though
jason:i guess we have to find out
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