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Post  NighTMarch on Sun Nov 18, 2007 12:29 pm

*NighTMarch is wrestling RiK, and the match is close. Splinter's voice booms over the sound system.*

Splinter: "Yo, yo, yo! NighT Shift! NighT Owl... whatever."

*RiK uses the distraction to hit his Goodbye Halcyon Days and covers NighTMarch for the 3-count! He slides out of the ring as NighTMarch leaps to his feet.*

Announcer: "And the winner of this match... RiiiiiiiiiK!!!"

Splinter: "Awww, did NighTy-NighT wose his widdle fight? Ha ha ha! Oh well, my work here is done... see you in the ring NighT Stain!"

NighTMarch: "SPLIIIIIINTERRR! You Son of a!!!"

*NighTMarch slides out of the ring and heads to towards the lockers.*


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